Acrylic Tutorial: Using Photos to Texture Background Fills

In Acrylic, you can create the look of painting on a textured piece of paper by using the Paper Texture feature.

The way the paper texture feature works is that dark parts of the image that is selected for use as the paper texture become transparent. This tutorial shows how you can use your own images and photographs to define paper textures. It also shows how you can infuse photographic elements into your artwork, controlling the colors and transparency settings to integrate them seamlessly with your image.   This approach can be used to add interest and realism to your work without introducing the collagey 'cut and paste' feel that normally results when adding an imported bitmap directly to your drawings. 

Basic drawing with no textures applied...

... and with custom grass and tree branch textures

Creating the grass texture

Cropped image:

Creating the tree branch texture

You can take advantage of the transparency aspect of the textured image to create transparent regions in your background fill. To create a more realistic looking drawing of a tree, you can use a photo of some tree branches as a texture for the tree's leaves.

Texture based on a photo of tree branches after being thresholded and inverted:
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